Friday, May 24, 2013

"Towering" (An Ashley Review)

Hey my loves!!!!!

  Today I have the newest book by Alex Finn, the author of "Beastly", and the name of it is "Towering". I love her fairy tale retellings and couldn't wait to read the next one she put out and I wasn't disappointed. "Towering", as you can imagine, is a retelling of the classic Rapunzel. This was definitely one of my favourites from this amazing author. Plus the cover is so beautiful.

The summary pulled from Goodreads is as follows....
   "Rachel is trapped in a tower, held hostage by a woman she’s always called Mama. Her golden hair is growing rapidly, and to pass the time, she watches the snow fall and sings songs from her childhood, hoping someone, anyone, will hear her. Wyatt needs time to reflect or, better yet, forget about what happened to his best friend, Tyler. That’s why he’s been shipped off to the Adirondacks in the dead of winter to live with the oldest lady in town. Either that, or no one he knows ever wants to see him again. Dani disappeared seventeen years ago without a trace, but she left behind a journal that’s never been read, not even by her overbearing mother…until now."

Rachel doesn't know why her mother has put here in this tower for the better part of her life. She wants to leave the tower but is afraid, because she doesn't know what year it is or even what kind of people are out there. Wyatt is sent to stay with an old lady in a new town while trying to get over what happened to his best friend. He finds a diary of the missing girl of the lady he is staying with and soon gets caught up in the mystery of the disappearances. Wyatt also keeps hearing this voice that only he seems to hear, which leads him to Rachel's tower. One thing happens after another and they find themselves surrounded by danger and a huge mystery that is waiting to be unravelled. Will they figure out the mystery of the girls disappearances or will they succumb to the mystery and disappear themselves?

Read and you won't be disappointed at this mystery filled retelling of Rapunzel.

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Rating: I give this book 4/5 Rapunzel's from Tangled, because for some reason I thought of this movie while reading this book.....

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