Monday, May 20, 2013

"The Curse Girl" (A squealing Ashley Review)

Hello my loves!!!!

  Today I am going to be reviewing "The Curse Girl" by Kate Avery Ellison. This is a very interesting twist to a retelling of "Beauty and the Beast", yes I do a lot of fairy tale retellings, but what can I say I love reading them. This book was so awesome that I have read it several different times and I couldn't put it down when I first read it. Plus, the cover was so beautiful it instantly drew me in!!!!

Here is the summary of this amazing book straight from Goodreads....
   "When Bee is imprisoned in a magical, cursed house because of her father's selfish choices, she has just one plan... escape! But she must solve a riddle and help her fellow prisoners break the curse that binds them all before she can leave, and that is proving more difficult than she originally thought thanks to the bitter young master of the house, Will. Will wants nothing to do with Bee or her help (and he certainly isn't planning on falling in love with her), but he might have underestimated just how determined and clever--and irresistible--she can be"

Bee is thrown into a situation by her father and all she wants to do is escape this horrible fate. But, she soon learns that the house will not let her leave and that if she wants to leave she has to help the frustrating, rude, jerk, Will break the curse. While trying to search the rooms for clues on solving the riddle, she also sees things she never thought possible. She soon comes to learn that magic is real and that she is surrounded by it. Besides Will's sister, Rose, she meets a boy that is held prisoner in the house as well and befriends him. When secrets start coming out and Bee learns more about the curse she doesn't know what she will do. Will she break the curse and keep the people she has come to care for or will the truth be enough to send her packing and let them handle their fate?

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Rating: I give this book 5/5 handsome guys, because I could picture this being Will

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