Wednesday, May 1, 2013

"Red" ( Ashley's Thrilling Review)

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   So today I am reviewing "Red" by Jordan Summers. I stumbled upon this book when Alexis and I went and bought bargain books at a Dallas Library. The tagline pulled me right in...."What if Little Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf turned out to be the same person?" As you can tell from the books I blog about I am really into retellings of Fairy tales. This book is so heart pounding and I love how they re worked "Little Red Riding Hood" as a hard ass who knows how to protect herself and will stop at nothing until she finds justice for killed woman.

Here is the awesome summary of this dark tale of "Red Riding Hood"....
     "Gina Santiago is a member of an elite tactical team in charge of protecting the world. She's devoted her life to apprehending the most heinous criminals that prey on society-and not she's after the worst one yet. On her own, with no backup, the trail takes her to a dusty, tight-knit town on the fringes of society, where everyone's a suspect. Even the sexy sheriff, Morgan Hunter, isn't telling her everything. The closer Gina comes to finding out the secret of this sleepy little town and its big, bad sheriff, the more scared she gets-because Gina's beginning to realize that she has a secret too. A secret that will change her life...and make her the killer's prey."

Gina Santiago knows there is something different about her, she just doesn't know what. Her team members call her Red and you will find out the reason why. When bodies of young woman are found mutilated and butchered, she wants to find the killer and bring them to justice. She goes on the hunt by herself, because her team already considers the case closed. She enters a small town and meets the sexy sheriff that she has to fight her attraction towards. Morgan Hunter doesn't like the fact that a tactical team member is investigating his town, because it puts him and all the residents at risk for their secrets to be exposed. Morgan also finds Gina frustrating and attractive all at the same time. He knows that it would be a huge risk to start something with her, but can't seem to fight it. Will Gina find the killer and escape with her life or will she succumb to the same fate as all the woman she is trying to avenge?

WARNING: This book is not really a YA book. It has some very descriptive sexual encounters and there are very descriptive scenes where the bodies are found. If any of this makes you quezy or something your not interested in then please don't read this book. But if you want a thrilling, dark twist to "Little Red Riding Hood" than this book is for you and you won't be disappointed.

Happy Reading!!!!

Rating: 5/5 Little Red Riding Hoods and her Wolf, because it so goes with the story

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