Wednesday, May 29, 2013

"Ravens Hollow" (An Ashley Review)

Hello out there in reader land!!!

  Today I am reviewing a book called "Raven's Hollow" by Jenny Lee Canham. This is Jenny's first book and it was so good I can't wait to read what she writes next. I got the privilege of meeting this very talented author at the Dallas Comic Con, where she was selling copies of her book. Of course, me being addicted to reading, I was immediately drawn to this book and got to listen to her talk about the summary. You could tell that she really enjoyed writing this book, by the way she described it. What really sold me on it was her saying, "It's kind of like Twilight, but with no sparkles", which I thought was a very awesome catch line. This book has all a reader could want mystery, romance, thrills, supernatural, and some crazy turns that you never see coming.


Here is the wonderful summary that intrigued me to read this awesome book...
  "After a car accident takes the life of their parents, three sisters find themselves torn from city life and thrust into the backwoods of Bavia, a small town with a deadly secret. A late night bike ride into Ravens Hollow leads them to an abandoned cottage where a tale of treachery and deceit has left its stain. Reina Connolly thrives off of one thing: practicality. But her goal for a drama-free, relaxed transition is shattered when she meets a handsome stranger. His curious habits and shy nature expose Reina to a world that forces her to question her beliefs in what is truly real. Ember Connolly is struggling. Mocked at school and ignored at home, she begins to despair over life in Bavia until a mysterious diary finds its way into her room. As she works to divine the author's identity, she uncovers pieces of the town's harrowing past. And as Ravens Hollow grows darker by the day, she wonders what it will mean for her future. Jilly Connolly hears a call on the wind. Ravens Hollow wants her, she can feel it. Out of the trees, a ghostly hand beckons. Someone is trying to tell her something. Something that will change everything. Gaining an unlikely accomplice along the way, Jilly will stop at nothing to find the truth, no matter the cost. As each girl's path steers them in different directions, they may just find that the biggest threat they have to face in Ravens Hollow..."

I really wish I would add more to this summary above, but I can't because I don't want to give away important information. The sisters each tell a side of the story with there own points of view, which helps you understand each of these characters a lot better. I loved that you got a different point of view with every chapter and she doesn't do it in one persons point of view because than you would only see what one character is seeing and not what the other three see. This book is an awesome debut by this really amazing writer. I can't wait to see what she comes up with next and I really hope that yall give this author's book a chance.

If your a fan of mystery, thrills, curve balls, and hot guys that don't sparkle, than you will love this book as much as I did.

Happy Reading!!!!


Rating: 5/5 sisters sitting on a wall

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