Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Words about the Boston Tragedy by Ashley

Hey guys,

   I know that normally I would post a review about a book I read, but my heart is telling me that I should address this tragedy that occurred in Boston. It is truly heart breaking that innocent children and people should have to pay for the idiotic, stupid-ness of evil people. On Monday the nation was shocked as the news reported two bombs went off at the finish line in Boston during an annual marathon. All of Boston was shut down as they looked for possible bombs, and come to find out they found more along the run route that didn't go off.  There were many innocent people who lost their lives including two young boys and a young woman. You hear about these types of things happening in other countries, where our soldiers are fighting to keep us safe, but you would never expect something this huge to happen in your home town.

There have been so many senseless  tragedies that should have never happened to innocent people. Young children should never be considered to be a target of school shootings, movie shootings, or even bombings. They did nothing wrong and all they want to do is grow up and live full lives. We all know they are psychotic people out there, I mean come on....serial killers have been around forever, but it seems to me that we can't go a week with out some senseless tragedy or what not. Excuse my French, but fucking seriously...what the hell is wrong with people. It seems like we should have been protected from this bombing since, the government said they took a lot more precaution after 9/11, but to me it seems like they can't focus on our country, where all the most senseless shit is happening.

Plus, the media is blowing a lot of this shit up, so much that I believe that a lot of people are doing this for the media's attention. I know a lot of it has to do with psychological reason's, but what about the people who can gladly take innocent life and they don't show or test of having something wrong with them? The government wants to blame guns or mental disorders on everything that happends, but news flash a lot of people have mental disorders and you don't see them going on a calling spree for twenty minutes of fame. It's heart breaking that more and more people are killed with no motive whatsoever and there seems has the government isn't doing anything to protect people.

I could continue to write but it is breaking my heart and I am trying not to cry. All I ask is that you keep those innocent people in Boston and their families in your prayers. No matter what anyone says these people didn't do anything to deserve this and I hope that they find the fuckers who did this. Let's have a moment to say a prayer, because no matter what anyone says God didn't leave us, He is always here watching us. It isn't the Lord's fault that people are going crazy and taking everything into their own hands.

I leave you with this.....No matter if you go to church or not every Sunday, no matter your religion, please don't give up on God or the rest of humankind. Not everyone is out to kill other people and we shouldn't be grouping everyone into the same group. If you know someone who has talked about killing people, even in joke, please do the right thing and call the cops. Who knows you might have just saved innocent people's lives.

With prayers sending to Boston,


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