Friday, April 12, 2013

"The Paradise Guest House" (An Ashley Review)

Hello out there in reader land!!!!

  This book touched my heart and even brought me to tears in parts. "The Paradise Guest House" by Ellen Sussman, is a tale of lost love and finding yourself. It brings you to tears, makes you laugh, and teaches you a lesson all in one. This book is so worth the money that you won't be disappointed in it.

Here is the Summary taken from the back cover of this heart warming book.....
  "It starts as a trip to paradise. Sent on assignment to Bali, Jamie, an American adventure guide, imagines spending the weeks exploring the island's lush jungles and pristine white sand beaches. Yet three days after her arrival, she is caught in Bali's infamous nightclub bombings, which irreparably change her life and leaves her with many unanswered questions. One year later, haunted by the memories, Jamie returns to Bali seeking a sense of closure. Most of all, she hopes to find Gabe, the man who saved her from the attacks. She hasn't been able to forget his kindness-or the spark between them as he helped her heal. Checking into a cozy guest house for her stay, Jamie meets the gracious owner, who is coping with a painful past of his own, and a young boy who improbably becomes crucial to her search. Jamie has never shied away from a challenge, but a second chance with Gabe presents her with the biggest dilemma of all: whether she's ready to open her heart."

The story starts out with a year going by and Jamie is going back to Bali. What I love about this book is you learn about the bombing and everything as the characters remember it. There is even a part where Gabe tells his side of the bombing. This is a story about a woman who has come back for the man she couldn't forget about. Along the way she has to face everything that happened with the bombing and you get to see how she works through all of those emotions that come with it. This is one of the best heart warming, strong willed heroine, finding love, books that I have read in a long time. "The Paradise Guest House" is going to be a book that you won't forget about and that if you love it, like I do, will want to share it with your book loving friends, like I am. I hope you give this book a chance and read it with an open mind. This is guaranteed to move you to tears and have you cheering for Jamie and Gabe.

Love Yall!!!!!!!

Rating: 5/5 beautiful Hawaii sunsets, because that would be my paradise

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