Friday, April 26, 2013

"The Fake Boyfriend Experiment" (An Amused Ashley Review)

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   With all the craziness that is going on in the United States lately I decided that we could all use a little laughter with a book. "The Fake Boyfriend Experiment" is so freaking hilarious in parts that I literally was crying. Come On ladies, don't lie...we have all made up fake boyfriends at some point lol, I know I have. This book was such a relief to read and I am happy to say I was not in the least disappointed.

Here is the summary taken from Goodreads....
   "Rafe Turner has a tattoo running from his wrist to his shoulder. His hair is a little too long. He doesn't need to rebel, because owning his life is already in his blood. He's way out of her league, for sure, but when Lily Gardner accidentally face plants through the window of his band's practice room, a connection is formed between Rafe and Lily that can't be shaken. When Rafe invites her to jam with his band, Lily knows the mega-talented drummer is exactly what she needs to fix her life. The fact that Rafe already has a girlfriend? No problem. It'll be enough if people simply think she's dating him…won't it? Lily is about to discover that finding her passion is a whole lot more complicated than a fake boyfriend…or two."

When Lily stumbles into the band practice, she is immediately drawn the rugged and sexy Rafe. When the keyboard player leaves the band, they ask Lily to join them. Although, she knows her parents or friends wouldn't approve of the rock band, she says yes anyways, because she finds that playing with the band brings her enjoyment. She must bounce back and fourth between her classical piano and the band without anyone knowing what she is doing. When she gets caught by her friends talking to Rafe, she tells them that he is her boyfriend and as you can imagine things escalate from there. She is finding reasons why they can't meet him, why he can't go out with them, and she even tells Rafe that a different guy is her boyfriend. Lily digs herself into a deep hole that might just come to back to bite her in the butt. Can she keep up the lies without hurting anyone or will the truth reveal its self and she loses everything? Read this book to find out and the ending won't disappoint or leave you on a cliff hanger.

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Rating: 5/5 sexy Andrew Lee Potts, because he would so be my fake boyfriend

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