Monday, April 8, 2013

"Red Handed" (An Ashley Review)

Hello my loves,

    "Red Handed" by Gena Showalter is an interesting, new take on I guess you could call them aliens, that walk among humans. Alexis told me about this book and I was sceptical at first, but once I got to reading it I loved it. Plus the cover kind of draws you into the mystery of the book.


The Summary of this interesting book is as follows....
   "Phoenix Germaine had been trying to earn back her mother's trust after going into rehab and kicking Onadyn-the drug choice for New Chicago teens. But when a party in the woods turns into an all-out battle with the most ferocious aliens Phoenix has never seen, she's brought home in what appears to be an Onadyn-induced state. Hello, reform school. Except, what her mother doesn't know is that Phoenix has just been recruited to join the elite Alien Investigation and Removal agency, where she'll learn to fight dirty, track hard, and destroy the enemy. Her professional training will be rigorous and dangerous, and the fact that one of her instructors is Ryan Stone- the drop-dead gorgeous, nineteen-year-old agent she met in the woods that night- doesn't make things any easier. Especially when dating him is totally against the rules...."

All Phoenix wants to do is prove to her mother that she is over the drug and will never touch it again. She tries to save her friend, who is high on the drug, but gets caught in the middle of an alien battle. Her mom doesn't believe her and Phoenix finds out the hard way that the agency that wants to trade her thinks she is going to relapse again. Not only does she have to train and prove she isn't addicted or will relapse, she also has to deal with fighting her attraction to Ryan Stone. With all the odds stacked against her will she rise from the ashes like the bird she was named after or will she succumb to the pressure and prove her mother right?

This is a very interesting and thrilling book. You get thrown curve after curve and you find yourself rooting for Phoenix to prove to everyone they are wrong about her. With a kick-ass heroin and a sexy boy off limits, you can't go wrong with this book. While reading this book you have to keep an open mind and believe in the impossible, if you can't do this than don't read this book, because you won't enjoy it.

Happy Reading!!!!!!


Rating: 4/5 Cute Stiches, because there isn't a cuter alien out there.....

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