Wednesday, March 13, 2013

"The Diamond Secret" (Ashley's Review)

This is one of the books from the "once upon a time" series, which is basically different authors doing a retelling of different fairy tales. "The Diamond Secret" isn't a retelling of a fairytale, but it is a retelling of the mystery of Anastasia Romanov. This is a spectacular take on a mystery that stumped the world and led to a historic hunt for what really happened to young Anastasia.


Here is a summary of this exciting book....
    "Nadya is a mischievous kitchen girl in a Russian tavern. Having nearly drowned in the Iset River during the turmoil of the Revolution, she has no memory of her past and longs for the life she cannot remember. Then two young men arrive at the tavern and announce that Nadya's long-lost grandmother has sent them to find her. Yearning for family and friendship, she agrees to accompany them to Paris for the joyful reunion. Nadya eagerly embarks on her journey, never dreaming it will be one of laughter,love-and betrayal."

Suzanne Weyn takes Nadya, who is an orphan, and throws her into this thrilling mystery with two men who only want the reward. Nadya doesn't know who she is, where she belongs, or even what her future should be. Ivan, an ex solider, knows the truth behind everything, but is his quest for the money too great or will he actually grow a conscience and do the right thing? Sergi, just wants to know what happened to his wife and child after the Bolsheviks took his title away, but he also wants the money to give his family the life they deserve. These three opposites go on a thrilling and sometimes funny ride to turn a back talking, sassy tavern girl into the Grand Duchess Anastasia. Will they get there happily ever after or will fate come back to land them in serious trouble? Read this wonderful book to find out the answer to that question.

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After Reading: You might want to do a little research to see how much of this is true. Historians have gone years researching and studying this timeless mystery. Did Anastasia make it out of the hole and survive or did she parish along with the rest of her family on that horrible night? These questions have finally been answered and the truth is finally out there, but it's up to you to decide what you yourself believe after reading this wonderful retelling of the mystery of Anastasia.

Rating: 5/5 sparkling diamonds 

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