Thursday, December 13, 2012

Hello, Readers!


I'm going to assume that you stumbled upon this blog while searching for a book or an odd keyword or something. But I hope you'll stick around. See, this blog is a book review blog, except there are little details that make this blog not-so-normal.

First of all, my friend (Ashley) is joining me (Alexis). She is as much a bibliophile as me. (Also, any books she doesn't want to read, I do, and vice versa.)

Books are our heartbeats. If nothing else, we always have books to keep us going. Cheesy, right? It's true though. Okay, on to the next thing...

We're not going to be as  formal as a news blogger. *quickly ducks just in case a journalism professor is to attack* No? *stands up* Okay, good. Ashley and I want you to feel like you're sitting with friends when you read this. It's pretty much what we'd tell each other, but with more details. We'll recommend other books, suggest a song to listen to before, during, or afterwards, etc. If we think a book sucks, we'll be honest and say so.

Also, you may be getting two reviews of the same book. I may write why it sucks, while Ash may write why I'm stupid and it's the best book ever. Eventually, you'll figure out who you side with and be able to go with it.

Another thing! We'll be focusing more on YA books than anything, but will definitely delve into adult books as well. However, the books are going to be fine for our readers.

Speaking of you guys, I want you guys to be honest and tell us how you reacted to a book, or ask questions, start a discussion. This is the place to completely open about everything, to put it all on line, so to speak. We'll be doing this, too, so you're not alone. Emails and such are welcomed and encouraged, as are book suggestions. If you are iffy about a book, tell us and we'll get back to you in a day or two to tell you whether it's worth it or not.

Okay, I think I covered everything worth covering. As I update this blog and make it look better and more professional, this will have its own little page.

Gotta go and write the first review! Hope you enjoy!


P.S. Happy 12/12/12!

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