Thursday, December 20, 2012

"Cleopatra's Moon" (Ashley's Review)

I had to make this book my next one for review because I love it so much. I love Ancient Egyptian and Cleopatra is one of my favorites, so when I saw this book on Barns and Nobles shelves I knew I had to read it and I was not disappointed. Plus, the cover is just absolutely beautiful.

Here is a summery of the book taken from the inside cover...
  "Cleopatra Selene is the only daughter of the brilliant Queen Cleopatra of Egypt and General Marcus Antonius of Rome. She's grown up with jewels on her arms, servants at her feet, and all the pleasures of a palace at her command, and she wants only to follow in her mom's footsteps and become a great and powerful queen. Then the Roman ruler Octavianus, who has always wanted Egypt's wealth, launches a war that destroys all Selene has ever known. Taken to live in Octavianus's palace in Rome, she vows to defeat him and reclaim her kingdom at all costs. Yet even as she gathers support for her return, Selene finds herself torn between two young men and two different paths to power. Will love distract her from her goal - or help her achieve her true destiny?"

The way Vicky takes the story of Cleopatra's daughter and brings it to life is absolutely amazing. She brings life to a girl that most people wouldn't know anything about. She tells the story of how life after Cleopatra, her children survived and were treated. This book as so many twists, turns, and a very surprising and happy ending. What I also loved is at the end she also puts in the book, a history of Selene and what happened to her after the story. This is a very moving and inspirational story, that I had trouble putting down and I believe that anyone who has a love for Egyptian stories will love this book at well.

Happy Reading!!!

Suggestions: Read this book on a day when you have nothing to do, because you will want to continue reading until the end. If you don't have a passion or care for Egyptian history than this book is not for you. This book does have some descriptive scenes and very moving stories. There is nothing like descriptive sex scenes or what not, because this was found in the YA department, it just has some violent ones, but you can feel the pain that the characters go through, which I think is very important.

Afterwards: You might want to do a little research on your own and learn more about Selene, because I did and I encourage it, because you will want to learn more about the girl you read about and more about the future she had after the book.

I give this book: 5/5 kittens  

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